A girl showers to rid herself of a grime deeper than her skin. Than her flesh.

Explore the dark creatures that use our bodies as hosts.

She lives by the rules of his aura.

In a desolate landscape, a man has a frigid revelation.

When Cameron looks for new love in the deeply scarred Abby, he is reminded sorely of the one he missed along the way.

The beast's kind is nearly extinct. In fact, his legs hold up the last of his kin.

The bright schoolboy, Oliver, is different from the rest of the boys. The girls too. However, his imagination blossoms into something that affects more than just him and his mother.

Avoiding the jaws of the Holocaust's wretched havoc wasn't an option for Chaim or Leon. It doesn't seem like escaping is, either.

Get out of your apartment. Escape into the light.

Seer is a mandala--a blade-wielding rogue that lives under an unwritten code to protect every reach of space. When he lays eyes on the broken Ravenna's pristine blade, however, that greed reawakens within him.

The new cooking job pays well. That's all that matters. After all, cooking is cooking, right?

The enigmatic Lindsay sweeps three girls off their feet. Then they start to disappear, one by one.

Prisha has lost everything. The man who took it all stands before her with a grin. She's never taken up the blade, but in this moment it sure feels like it.

Rick recollects a memory of someone he loved.

Sara urges her grandfather to go where he never wished to return.

A true predator forgets the blood of the hunt. The surviving prey never forgets.

Doom doesn't warn before arrival. It doesn't warn Veronika or Howard either, even as they sit down for a nice, quiet breakfast.